This App is responsible for the whole functions related to the employees from adding, editing, searching, reporting, Custom reporting, Building Org. Chart, Manpower, Transferring employees, creating and managing system users, and finally, it has its own dashboard preconfigured and real-time.


  • Bulk upload for employees’ full data.
  • Add system users and access privileges for each.
  • Career path management from position to another keeping the history log.
  • Search engine for employees with multi filters.
  • Dynamic reporting system to build your own reports like excel experience
  • Archive or terminate employees and ability to restore them back.
  • List of active, terminated and blacklist employees.
  • Digital archiving system for each employee.
  • Upload all the required documents for each employee.
  • Availability of the digital copies for each staff member to access it directly by himself.
  • Ability to update specific data for specific employees for periodic data updates.
  • Add employees with personal data, educational, jobs data, and more.
  • Reset and remove login password for users.
  • Manage employees privileges and authorities.
  • Upload organization chart bulk with employees data.
  • Preview organization chart, job chart and employees chart.
  • Adding employees from the recruiting module directly.
  • Realtime business dashboards & statistics.
  • Manage and customize all your business reports.
  • Define employees contract templates for each employee’s types.
  • Configure system settings as per business needs.
  • Dynamic data for the whole employees data, no fixed data at all.
  • Self explanatory system in 10 steps your module it up and running


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