When you ask your salesperson to record their activities, It is the worst task ever. But when it comes to being on your mobile phone and facilitating the calls and the communication with less effort for sure he will use it.
Let's explore its functions to make it happen.


  • Sign in and out using fingerprint or face detection using GPS in the allowed locations
  • Real time vacations and leaves balance for the staff .
  • Real Time correction actions recommendations for the absence and the delay .
  • Self services functions completely on your mobile app:
    - Vacation/leave
    - Request
    - Permission request
    - Mission request
    - Overtime request
  • Requests approvals by the managers .
  • Payslip payroll review on your mobile app .
  • E-tickets workflow management by viewing, creating, replying, approving, rejecting and closing.
  • Workflow approval with e-signature on any kind of forms required internally
  • Self video support for the end user .
  • Bilingual Arabic and English interface .
  • Simple, fast and easy interface for the whole staff levels
  • Notifications and alerts for the following :
    - Requests submission notifications .
    - Approvals and rejection notifications .
    - Payroll submission notifications .

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