This App contains the whole HR activities applied to the staff. This includes Appraisal & KPIs, Training, CV management & recruitment cycle, Company news, staff Surveys, objective management, and the dashboard specialized for the attached activities.


  • Recruitment’s life cycle starting from job request, apply CVs, applicants evaluation and job offers creation.
  • Bulk upload for CVs data.
  • Recruitment portal for online applications and manage it from ERP backend.
  • Assign CVs to different recruiters for follow up and communications.
  • Manage CVs statuses with different colors based on CV status.
  • Performance appraisal / KPIs management.
  • Configure evaluation periods for KPIs (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, customized)
  • Bulk upload for employees evaluations.
  • Customize and extract your own reports.
  • Manage employees’ training and courses to develop team skills.
  • Create general and anonymous surveys for employees to vote and submit their opinions.
  • Internal ticketing system to manage communications, chats, messages, and emails between employees.
  • Meeting management to reserve or book meeting rooms with attendees list, meeting objectives, and other details.
  • Targets and objectives management of employees (add objectives, employee decision, manager decision, objectives evaluation)
  • Apply employees’ evaluation results directly to their salaries.
  • Statistics and dashboard based on business requirements.


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