This App is totally managing the stock & inventory of incoming processes and outgoing processes. Besides, it covers managing the assets and internal usage of the stock items as well. Stock is not only working as a stand-alone system it is totally integrated with the accounting module to affect the AR and AP modules


  • Real-time dashboards and statistics.
  • Multi Inventory with multi level.
  • Inventory groups inside each stock.
  • Inventory units of measures management with its conversion.
  • Add Items with bulk upload option.
  • Items’ opening balance with bulk uploading option.
  • Add delivery notes management.
  • Follow up “delivery notes vs. addition notes”.
  • Adjustment notes management.
  • Inventory addition notes directly or from delivery note to apply supply chain cycle by book.
  • Inventory transfer notes from Inventory to another.
  • Issue notes full management.
  • Sales return notes management.
  • Purchase return notes management.
  • Print, edit, delete, approve, excel export and more full management for the whole Inventory operations.
  • Inventory counts and audit periodically.
  • Review all Inventory reports.


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