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GPS Application


About APP

The idea of the program depends on the mobile application running on The Apple and Google platforms, 

enabling all company employees to sign up to
Through a personal mobile phone, directly sign the security without any contact with the fingerprints of others. The fingerprint is either determined by the company’s location only where the employee cannot sign other than the designated areas. Or by free fingerprint, which enables him to record his working hours in the working hours from home in an automated and fast way. The system can be interconnected with your current system, whatever it is.

System features

Working with IOS & Android
Integration with any system
support Databases SQL server
Relies on google map To determine fingerprint location
Signing from anywhere, from a specific place, or from more than one place
Find out the fingerprint addresses
impenetrable with any fake gps location
working on mobile with fingerprint or not
Extracting a complete daily attendance reports
unlimited USERS 
Avoid the problems of attendance devices with the fingerprint completely

Technical requirements

The system needs a SERVER or VM, whether it is on the customer’s site or a cloud version to download the web system copy on it and it has the following specifications:



  • OS: Windows or Windows server
  • IIS 7 and above
  • Database: MS SQL server express
  • 2 CPU Cash 8
  • RAM 8 GB
  • SSD 120 or more