Cairo, Egypt


Marketing is not an option now especially digital marketing. In ERP+ we decided to add this module to be part of the system to allow you to contact the whole ERP stakeholders from the same place of the “updated and real-time data” of the following:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • New leads
This module is built to serve any marketing activities for the contact mentioned above by using the already saved and updated contacts using SMS and emails. The marketing module also is designed to cover a set of functions like:
  • Sending SMS using configured SMS getaway inside ERP+
  • Sending Email campaigns using configured SMTP configuration inside ERP+
  • Scheduling Emails and SMSs for special events, holidays, birthdays, and more for the whole types of contacts mentioned above.
  • Planning for campaigns with targets on any channel Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all social media channels and defining the requirements for each campaign with budget definition and evaluation.
  • Campaigns planning and relate it to the accounting module budgets to monitor marketing budgets and ROI.
  • Fire scheduled email campaigns and show dashboards of the opened emails, spam, etc.
  • Design email templates inside ERP+ in HTML format to allow sending campaigns from ERP+ directly.
More and more features will help marketer a lot especially the data is updated and avoid always using excel in data updates and incomplete data. It comes directly from ERP+ to your target audience.