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Mobile Apps Faciliates your Business

ERP+ consists of set of Apps. Each App has its own functionalities & functions. Each App is a stand alone App and directly connected and integrated real time with other Apps. hereunder is a set of the Apps including short description for each App. You can choose just the Apps fitting you business needs.

HR Mobile App

When you ask your salesperson to record their activities, It is the worst task ever. But when it comes to being on your mobile phone and facilitating the calls and the communication with less effort for sure he will use it.

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CRM Mobile App

Based on the nature of the business clients & supplier management should be changed. We built this module to dynamically fit your business needs and apply the full customer management and sales process workflow management as well. .

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PM Mobile App

This App is responsible for Project management App is responsible for managing the projects from adding, Editing, Deleting, Budgeting, Task assignment, Cost distribution, Cost center treatment, complete Timesheet management, Reports.
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POS Mobile App

This App is responsible for managing the full attendance functions and effects. This includes attendance sheet and fingerprint automatic and real time integration, flexible hours, full management of Delay, Overtime.

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The real estate sales process is managed by this app including Adding clients, following them up, Apartments management, installments complex calculations, Offer to print to the clients.

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ERP+ Asset Management Modules handle tracking assets, including maintenance schedules, compliance and warranty management. Learn the features of asset management software in the ERP+ asset management guide.
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To engage your customers into your processes you can totally depend on the customer portal. Each customer will have a unique account on your portal and you can easily open some functions to be allowed to your customers.

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Vendor engagement to your internal system is a good value for you to allow the vendor to apply payment requests and follow its process himself through this portal with your ERP+ backend management and supervision.

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cxo Mob App

C-Level management is always in need of a dashboard for the whole departments in one place to facilitate the decision support and the system should act as (DSS). CXO is the perfect dashboarding process for the whole departments in one mobile App. Real Time data accessible anywhere, anytime from the mobile app

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