Customer portal MOBILE APP

Customer portal mobile app is made to serve your customers directly through mobile application with your company logo and directly connected to the ERP+ customer profile internally on your ERP+ backend.


  • This allows your customers to add their tickets, requests and complaints directly from the mob app to be added real time to your ERP+ backend. .
  • Allows your customers to follow up the requests updates and follow ups .
  • Attachments and comments can be applied as conversation on each ticket till closing. .
  • Add your company's logo to be shown on the mob app from ERP+ backend settings.
  • Dashboard screen for customers showing ticket status and statistics.
  • You can upload youtube videos links for quick self support for your customers.
  • Assign account managers to be shown on the mob app for direct communication via WhatsApp or call directly from the mob application.
  • Payment online for any invoices through the mob app directly
  • Follow up your paid / unpaid Invoices.
  • Customize the mob app look and feel for your customers to fit your business colors.
  • Customers can contact the support directly from the mob app by call, Email, visit website, location on GPS all of these data are dynamic and configured from ERP+ backend

Mobile App Screenshots

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