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The University vision is to:
  • meet the global challenges and keep up with modern technology,
  • meet the needs of the community and promote development,
  • be a beacon of science and scientific research and community participation in Egypt and the world.


The British Division of the Egyptian Language School (ELS) we are dedicated to each of our pupils, providing a long- life love of learning. We instill skills and ethics into our pupils, encouraging them to create an awareness of their surroundings and become worthy contributors to society.

The faculty is committed to preparing professional graduates in different media areas and rehabilitation of academically, professionally and technology advanced qualified graduates who meet the needs of the labor market and the requirements of competition both locally and globally, raising the level of their commitment to social, professional and ethical responsibility towards the nation and issues of the community, in addition to conducting scientific research relevant to the priorities of the community, its issues and its basic problems.

There are many motivating challenges ahead for young people in an increasingly complex and competitive world. Lycee Balzac International School creates an appropriate environment to prepare its students for these challenges. As by motivating students to enjoy the independence of personality on the mental level, the teachers and personnel of the school motivate each student to take full advantage of his resources and capabilities.


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