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The real estate sales process is managed by this app including Adding clients, following them up, Apartments management, installments complex calculations, Offer to print to the clients, and finally the well-formed dashboard to facilitate the process of the real estate sales process


This module is to manage the whole process and workflow of the automotive and car maintenance centers. This manages the process starting from the client coding, Cars coding, maintenance Job order management creation, allocation of labor hours and costs to the job order, Allocation of spare parts to the job orders, creating invoices from job order, collection and store the history of the cars into DB. This also can be connected to the customer portal to avail the customers to book their maintenance themselves, follow up on their car maintenance history on the customer portal.


For the training centers and course management. This App is created to manage the full cycle of the courses and its reservations by the customers or trainers. The most important issue here is the full separation of the branches customers and reservations and at the same time the full integration form the core ERP modules in accounting and HR


This module is managing any business with the membership management process and certification management process. It is useful for the membership NGOs to manage the complete process they are acting on starting from the member registration, review process, online payment for the membership, membership activation, Online and digital certification with QR online authentication and verification, and services of the membership. All of these are totally managed digitally and online through the customer or members portal. Besides its real-time integration between the online payment gateway and the accounting system of ERP+.

club memberships

This module is to manage the whole activities of the club’s system starting from the membership registration request, CRM follow-up, membership management roles, and regulations, registration forms management, invoicing and collection, installation and payment requests, and many more features that manage the whole club memberships activities.

sports activities 

This module is to manage any clubs sports activities like football, basketball, swimming, etc. This module is integrated with the club’s management module and more to manage the process of the activities starting from adding the sport itself, adding its features and schools requirements, adding team management of each sport, creating schedules of the sports, managing the registration of the members to each sport, managing the costs and the payment of the members and nonmembers for the sports activities, managing the attendance of the members and the crew of the school or the team as well, it also manages the online payments of the members through the membership portal and also request registration online and follow up the reports of the members through the same portal.

club services

This module is to manage the club’s services and it’s rentals or registrations. This can include all rental applied services like a football ground, lockers rent, bicycle place rental, and many more places and services the club could offer to the members. This includes starting from the adding of the service and its availability, requests of the services, its payment, booking statuses in a calendar view, and more. This service is connected to the customer portal so the members can do it themselves through the online portal including the online payment and digital receipt.

Point of Sale

POS is one of the important apps for the retail based businesses. This app is specialized in covering the most important functions in POS for retail and restaurants as well. It is totally configurable to fit your business needs. The dashboards and statistics of the products and geo sales are one of the most important dynamic outcomes of the system

Work Order

This app is responsible for the two work orders types. The assets work order containing the maintenance & the resources used behind the stock items used in each work order. Same as is valid for the car maintenance workshops with the labor cost and stock items as well


ERP+ Workflow Builder has various tools, such as creating templates with specific persons in employees to approve this document. It is using digital signature and working from mobile application as well. You are free to build your workflow approval matrix either with a standing or oaring process

meetings management 

This module is to manage the meeting rooms and meeting requests. It can manage the requests and sort for the meeting agenda then record the action plan of the meeting and send it to the attendees. Also, it manages the facilities inside the meeting rooms so the requester can ask for certain facilities for the meeting he requested. Full and complete management integrated totally with ERP+ platform


Calendar app is a module organizing the over all company calendar from the whole modules for example from employees module we have the dates of the personnel data of the staff member like expiration of the whole supporting documents. And for accounting the invoices and collection dates from CRM the next follow update from project management the time sheets and tasks due dates as well and so on. All calendars and reminders in one place


This App is customized to the companies working in re-selling scratch cards in a tree distribution channel. It has very specific workflow in calculations. Its workflow is connected to the core modules of the ERP

Vas Management

This App  is made for the Value Added Services companies working in SMS, IVR, Bulk SMS, LBA, and the other operators VAS re-sellers. It has specified workflow starting from the sales process in CRM to the operation then finally the finance. This App is made to manage this process from A-Z


This module is to give the fiance indicators that come out of the accounting modules and gives recommendations for the future on what to do based on the historical data from the accounting.

Bus Ticketing

If you have a company for transportation with a set on buses and stations this App will be useful for you. It manages the whole cycle starting from the setup of the trips to the bus ticketing reservation. The core benefit here is its integration with the core modules of the HR, Finance  and the other ERP modules to guarantee the full internal integration


ERP+ software integrates all operations together to serve the manufacturing including product planning, development, manufacturing processes starting from the raw materials till the finished goods. Each manufacturing industry has its own settings and configuration

Apps Report Creator

Sometimes you may need to create your own reports yourself as template reports, This app gives you full access to join any two apps together getting some specified fields and save it as a template report to be shown to certain employees, departments, Units, or job titles. Now you can create your own reports yourself without any need to pay for more customization to fit your business dynamic changes


Marketing is not an option now especially digital marketing. In ERP+ we decided to add this module to be part of the system to allow you to contact the whole ERP stakeholders from the same place of the “updated and real-time data” of the following: Employees, Customers, Suppliers, & New leads. This module is built to serve any marketing activities for the contact mentioned above by using the already saved and updated contacts using SMS and emails.